©2011 photo by Sandy K. Moz
©2011 photo by Sandy K. Moz

Leah Rachel Mackay is a visual artist of many talents currently based in Switzerland.

Born in the early 70's widely known as raVen Mackay from her time as a musician since decades. Mackay is a self taught artist. Dropped art school after 3 years, after having a baby. She worked for many companies as freelancer, among others at the theater in Budapest.


"My dad taught me from the early days to work with all kind of materials. From leather to clay, to wood etc. It's also in my genes. My dad's a surreal artist and my grandma was a fine artist. I dropped art school of many reasons. Well, especially because of the birth of my daughter who's also an artist, she has the most talent from the whole family. I do regret my decision today, because it seems one is only a true artist if one has a degree that says: "artist!" to put it simple and stupid, but that's what it is! I am a creative person by birth. Sometimes it is a pain in the ass, because it is in your mind, in your veins and in your dreams. And you can't do anything about it."


"I relish the perfection of imperfection."                                               -raVen MacKay


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