Terms & Conditions


I do take requests for commissions but I also reserve the right to decline them.

Please remember, every artist has his own style. I like it dark and creepy. If you have an idea that fits my artistic style, use the contact form to describe your idea.

Please show me some understanding for my freedom of artistic expression.


payment method:

  • Online shop: The only payment method for the moment is PayPal.
  • Commissions: I do only except cash in advice or on rare occasions down payment.
  • receive personally: cash or cash before delivery.

Fun video of truth: The Artist

This is a fun video made by NCH Productions. Music by Yuya Takeda.

This animation should not be taken seriously. It's just a visual exaggeration of some artist  maybe facing in their life. (Like myself).

But there is a truth behind the story. Some clients don't see the effort and the expenses behind a project. If an artist would calculate like a plumber does, you couldn't afford any art at all.